Why Hire a Plumber For Drain Cleaning?

No matter how you try to fight it, drains have a habit of becoming clogged. It might be your kitchen sink, a shower drain or even a toilet but no matter where it is, clogged plumbing can lead to expensive damage. This means dealing with water damage, as well as physical damage to the surrounding area. Every year property owners try to unclog their drains on their own, without professional help. The truth is that harsh chemicals and the wrong tools can do more harm than good. Instead of dealing with unexpected damage or being left with subpar results, call Pete & Son instead.

Avoid a DIY Drain Cleaning

Many home and business owners are quick to reach for chemical drain cleaners at the first sign of slow drainage or backup. These basic treatments aren’t just ineffective, they can lead to damage and make it easier to overlook more serious issues. For example, if your kitchen sink is draining slowly, it might be an issue with the garburator, so pouring liquid drain cleaners down pipes won’t get any lasting results. Before you reach for harsh chemicals, consider the consequences that come along with them.

Avoid Health Risks: Chemical drain cleaners are made of just that — a series of harsh chemicals. These chemicals produce fumes when used and these are incredibly harmful when breathed in. Instead of just seeping down drains and being gone, chemical fumes stick around in the air, stinging eyes, nose and throat long after you’ve used it.

Avoid Damage: Harsh chemicals can damage plumbing materials. Aged materials will become brittle over time. Many drain cleaners have hydrochloric acid, which will degrade PVC pipes, harsh chemicals erode finishes and open the door to costly damage.

Avoid the Wrong Results: Liquid drain cleaners can’t solve all of your plumbing issues and focusing on these basic tools can distract from the real issue at hand. If you are busy putting liquid drain cleaners to use, you might be overlooking problems within the sewer line or broken pipes.

The Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

A simple clog can lead to much greater issues, so quick action is key to avoiding disaster. Blocked sinks don’t happen all at once but build up over time. Calling a professional for drain cleaning services at the first sign of trouble can prevent damage but also the annoyance of dealing with reoccurring clogs.

Reoccurring Clogs: There is nothing more annoying than a clog that just won’t quit. Trying to tackle a clog with snakes or drain cleaners might provide a superficial improvement but they can’t get results and the costs of time, energy and even money associated with having to redo these processes over and over again will begin to add up. A professional plumber can inspect and identify problem areas within your pipes and identify how to fix the problem.

Getting the Right Results: When it comes to drain cleaning, plumbers get the right results every time. When you hire a professional drain cleaner, you are benefitting from years of technical training and experience. There are plenty of occasions when removing U-Bends and accessible pipes can remove clogs quickly and efficiently —but only if you know what you are doing.

Eliminate Foul Smells: If you are noticing bad smells coming from your drains, it is a good idea to call in a plumber. Clogs are often made by organics like food particles, grease and more which will sit, rot and begin to smell. Backup from clogged drains is also known to come along with nasty odours. When having an expert clean your drains they are able to diagnose whether to not you are dealing with a nasty clog or sewage backup.

Dealing with Emergency Plumbing Problems: In the event that you are dealing with overflow, clogs, backup and excessive water, it should be dealt with immediately. Waiting to handle plumbing problems can result in long term damage. Pete & Son provides emergency responses for plumbing and drain issues.

Pete & Son Plumbing Services: Protecting the Drains in Your Home

In order to avoid disaster, call a plumbing professional to treat issues of all sizes in all areas of your home or business. After years of experience in the industry and a long track record of happy customers, the Pete & Son team is familiar with both the common issues facing plumbing systems, as well as the more complicated ones. Fully insured technicians with access to a wide range of resources help to put customers at ease while getting the best results.

Why Hire a Plumber For Drain Cleaning?