The Downside of D.I.Y Plumbing

No property is complete without proper plumbing. Water systems are responsible for bringing clean water in and carrying contaminated water or sewage, out. Keeping these systems running properly is the key to safe and sanitary environments – and that means expert care.

Every day, home and property owners grab hold of plungers and drain snakes, hoping to correct their plumbing problems. While D.I.Y. options might seem like a cost-effective option for installs and repairs, these amateur methods might end up doing more harm than good. Before you take on a home plumbing project, it is important to consider everything involved.

What to Know About Plumbing Systems

 When thinking about plumbing, it is easy to become focused on toilets and sink drains but it is so much more than that. Simple clogs can be solved with drain snakes but complicated appliances and fixtures require specialized care. Before picking up a wrench or plotting out putty, it is important to know exactly what you are working with.

Simple Clogs: Basic blockages around kitchens and bathrooms are common enough that there are “remedies” in every hardware or department store. These clogs are usually caused by food remnants, buildups of grease, dirt or hair. Plunging toilets or flushing pipes are simple enough tasks – and are really the only plumbing procedures that should be attempted without professional help.

Managing Installations: Appliances are designed to make life easier but installing them is anything but. Major appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and hot water heaters all depend on water or gas lines. Improper installations of either of these can lead to rot, water damage, gas leaks or even house fires. When installing appliances in covered areas, twisted lines or leaks can go unnoticed over long periods, meaning large-scale repairs or replacements.

Diagnosing Outside Issues: If plunging or snaking drains do not improve flow, there may be an issue outside of your own plumbing system. Consulting a plumbing professional can help to diagnose whether your issue is rooted in a municipal system or can be fixed right there at home.

Fittings and Fixtures: Not all pipes are created equal and are designed for specific uses. Using the wrong materials in the wrong areas can cause degrading, which means leaks and damage. Proper measurements are necessary to keep your system moving. Pipes, connectors and valves must be measured and properly installed and even a simple mistake can lead to large-scale problems.

Pete & Son Plumbing: Professionals in Your Area

Choosing professional plumbing services provides excellent results and peace of mind. By adhering to plumbing codes and working closely with clients, the experts at Pete & Son are able to achieve the best results, every time. From repairs to replacements and even renovations, there is nothing that our experts can’t handle. Locally owned and operated services mean our clients are never left waiting, so call today to speak to a Pete & Son professional.

The Downside of D.I.Y Plumbing