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Well Pump Service

Well Pumps

For the residents of Canadian cities, there is usually not a lot of thought that goes into where your water is coming from – one turn of the tap and you have all that you need – but this is not the case everywhere. There are rural properties all over B.C, laying outside the city’s water grid, leaving them dependent on wells for their water. If you are new to the world of wells or simply need a replacement, call Pete & Son to have us install or repair your well pumps.

The use of a well does not simply come from digging a hole. Wells have come a long  way from the stone stacks and wooden buckets of yester-year, becoming more and more sophisticated over time. Our licensed plumbers know all of the inner-workings of both your well and well pump, so who better to call for your well pump installation and repair.

In order to have fully functional water dispersal throughout your home, you must do more than simply bring well water to the surface and this is where pumps come in to play. Once the well itself is installed, the water inside needs to be pulled up to the surface and pressurized in order to work itself through your home. This pressure comes from a system of parts and pieces that function underground, out of sight. Each well has its own distinguishing characteristics and these will determine what type of pump is necessary to give your property the best possible result.

Our licensed plumbers know how to assess your well pump needs based on the diameter and materials of your well and whether it be, a jet or submersion pump, we are fully qualified to perform an installation or repair.

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