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Septic Tank Service and Cleaning Hope

The natural, rural charm of British Columbia flows through the Greater Vancouver Area and through the Fraser Valley but it settles in Hope. The further off the beaten path that you are, the more important regular maintenance services become – and that includes septic systems!

Indoor plumbing is one of the biggest advancements for property owners in regard to health and safety inside homes or businesses. Smooth running and free flowing pipes make safe and sanitary waste disposal possible but without proper care these systems can quickly become nightmare scenarios! From slow draining toilets and sinks to noisy sewer lines and even backed up or expelled waste water, a clogged system is a real problem.

A buried holding tank or catch basin is easily neglected. As time goes on, sewage and debris builds up inside these areas. As tanks fill, this unsanitary debris creeps closer and closer to water inlet pipes, which can mean contamination, bacteria and foul odours. The amount of traffic around your home or workplace has a direct impact on how often you should have your septic tank pumped. Speaking with an expert, like the technicians at Pete and Son Plumbing can provide insight and help to create a schedule that works for your space.

Even though regular draining and cleaning help to keep your system in good standing, no fixture is immune to issues. Bits of debris have been known to make their way into systems, but so have other unseen intruders – like roots! Septic inspections can help to pinpoint potential problems, whether it be cracked tanks, degrading materials, contamination to septic fields or collapsing pipes. In addition to proper assessments, a reputable and experienced company offers a range of other services. Local, professional care can not only help with preventative maintenance, but with emergency services as well. Whether you are acting on initial odours or are dealing with a damaged or flooding field, call Pete and Son Plumbing today.