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Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic Cleaning

The septic tank for your home or business is constantly in use. If you are doing something as substantial as a load of laundry  or something as small as rinsing a plate, you are working your septic system regardless. Although septic systems are built tough, they can still clog and collect sediment in various areas, and when this begins to happen it is time for a septic tank cleaning.

The solid waste that passes through your tank collects at the bottom. The frequency in which your tank needs to be emptied will vary depending on the size size and level of use but over time, the tank itself is not the only place that

Unlike other areas of your home, or business, you cannot simply pull apart a septic tank in order to scrub off the pieces. Because your septic systems are buried underground, there is less risk associated with the outside elements but at the same time, without regular maintenance, the condition of your septic tank is impossible to see from the outside. Some property owners believe that having your septic tank pumped every so often is enough to keep it running smoothly but if the pipes begin to clog with sediment and solid waste, they will become slow moving or impassable.

If you feel as though your septic tank is in need of cleaning, here are some things that you can look for: water and waste back-up or slow draining appliances and fixtures throughout the property. Often times the slow-draining of sinks, bathtubs or appliances, is mistaken for a clogged pipe but these are signs of something bigger.

At Pete & Son Plumbing, we are able, not only to diagnose the problem areas of your septic system, but to perform you septic tank cleaning, ourselves.

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