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Perimeter Drain Install & Repair

Perimeter Drain Installalation

In every home across British Columbia, the structural integrity of of a property is dependent on keeping the moisture out. This is a simple task for the interior of a property, taking advantage of simple appliances such as dehumidifiers and ventilation units but the exterior is a much different story.

Residents are constantly facing off against the moist climate of the province and homes and properties are always trying to keep up. Both residential and commercial spaces throughout the region are outfitted with different methods to to repel water and maintain moisture levels, such as varying types of ‘damp proofing’ but there are perimeter drains running the length of the exterior property as well. Due to the construction process, moisture collects around the edges of your property more so than anywhere else. When the dirt is displaced to make room for the structure’s foundation, it becomes loose and allows water to flow more freely through it, until it comes to a stop around the edged of your property.

Installing a perimeter drain system keeps the water away from the surfaces of your home and most importantly, out of your home’s interior.

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