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Mission Damp Proofing

It is no secret that British Columbia is a wet place to be. Our great province sees more rain on average than just about anywhere else in Canada. While you are dodging raindrops and hiding out under an umbrella, your home is taking the brunt of that rainfall. Our Mission damp proofing services are available to help keep that moisture out.

Moisture can creep into your property through any number of ways but getting it out can be a bit more complicated! The first step to your Mission damp proofing, is identifying the problem areas. Moisture problems can be visible both inside and outside your property. If your property has an exterior made up primarily of a porous material, moisture is an easy spot. Brick and stone buildings show signs of rising damp. Rising damp occurs when water moves upward through narrow spaces and deteriorates material from the inside.

While indoors, you might notice aesthetic issues as the first signs of invasive moisture. Cracking or wet plaster can be a sign that there is moisture hiding behind the surface layers of your walls. Mould, staining, blistering paint, and peeling wallpaper are all signs of something going on behind the scenes. Catching these minor damages quickly can mean the difference between large-scale repairs and simple maintenance.

Our Mission damp proofing service has been helping residents for decades. Whether you are in need of service on a residential or commercial space, our licensed plumbers can help you out. Our technicians can identify which method of Mission damp proofing is right for you. Damp-proof courses, coatings, and membranes are all systems of damp proofing which can greatly benefit your property and its individual needs.

The longer you wait to seek professional help, the more this moisture will spread. When you begin to see these signs, call Pete & Son Plumbing. Do not hesitate. Call today.

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