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Mission Appliance Installation

Every day, throughout Mission and the surrounding area, residents are finding new ways to put their own unique stamps on their homes and one of the easiest, quickest ways is to simply pick out new appliances. Giving your home a quick facelift can be a great feeling but the act of installing these new pieces can be a real headache. So, call in Pete & Son for our Mission appliance installation.

When you purchase a new appliance for your commercial or residential property, delivery is common practice. What most retailers don’t tell you, is that installation is not included! There is nothing worse than ordering in a large item like a washing machine and being left on your own to make it functional. If an appliance that is dependent on a water hookup is installed improperly, it can lead to big trouble. Faulty installations can lead to leaks, leading to water damage and mould.

More than just water damage, improper installations and removals can pose other hazards. Larger appliances like stoves and dishwashers have complicated electrical components. Everyone, at one point, experiences a bit of a shock but the higher the voltage, the higher the risk! Gas appliance installation is incredibly dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone other than an experienced professional. The staff at Pete & Son are licensed plumbers. By choosing licensed plumbers, you are choosing professionals who are up to date on installation specialists.

For the benefit of yourself and your property, call Pete & Son for our Mission appliance installation. It only takes one phone call to get the most out of your appliances and your property.

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