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Hope Well Pump Service

It is easy to take clean running tap water for granted in a city setting but in a remote or rural environment, access to clean drinking water is a bit more complicated. British Columbia is known for its beautiful, remote areas, so it is no wonder that more and more people want to put some separation between themselves and the city, and that means using a well.

A functional and efficient well pump is the key to proper water treatment. Without regular maintenance, you may experience contaminated water and even illness. Whether you are new to the world of a pump and water system or are used to this retrieval method professional, Hope well pump service is a must. Keep your property safe and sanitary to avoid unexpected (and costly) repairs with one call to the experts at Pete & Son Plumbing.

The Ins and Outs of Your Well

Homes are made up of a long list of appliances and machines designed to keep things running smoothly. From sump pumps and sewage pumps, to furnaces and pressure tanks – all in all, it is a lot to keep track of. When it comes to any property type, the ability to bring in clean water is key to sanitation and health.

Without access to a standard water system like those in cities, it is up to rural properties to tap into the water that is sitting underground in what is commonly referred to as an aquifer. An aquifer consists of layers of rock and soil which allows water to filter through small pores or openings. The point of a well is to reach far enough into an acquirer to reach water and pump it out.

No matter the style of your well, there are two main pumps in use and those are jet pumps and submersible pumps. It is important to understand which type you are dealing with in order to properly treat your water pumping systems.

Jet Pumps: This type of pump is located above ground and is used to lift water through the ground via suction pipe. Suction creates a vacuum that drives water through a small nozzle and into designated water usage areas. Shallow jet pumps are are typically used for well depths ranging near 25 feet while deep depth models are designed for 150 feet.

Submersible Pumps: Submersible water pumping systems sit just below water level. These models push water upward, unlike jet pumps which work by sucking water up. These pumps are often cylindrical and house the pump motor and impellers.

The Importance of Personal and Local Well Pump Services

When installing a water well, contractor services are a must to ensure proper construction, safety and location. Whether you are installing a new water well system or hoping to maintain an existing one, regular care and inspections are key. Pete & Son Plumbing experts highly recommend annual inspections at a minimum. 

Regular well pump maintenance is a must but there are also emergency occasions when calling a plumber is a necessity. If you are experiencing a change in taste, odour or overall appearance of your water, call a professional immediately. Other indicators of damaged pump equipment might be floating debris in water or if there is a decrease in the well’s capacity.

Ingesting contaminated water can lead to serious illness. While the additional cost of an expert water well service may be a deterrent for some property owners, it certainly outweighs the cost of a pump replacement or water well drilling for a new system.

Pete & Son Plumbing: Your Well Pump Service Experts

The locally owned and operated plumbing services at Pete & Son are hard at work providing expert well pump maintenance with a service area that stretches all across the lower mainland. In order to provide the best service possible, our team of experts not only inspect and service the well pump directly but surrounding areas as well.

Pump problems are not the only issues that you should worry about. By performing visual inspections of well heads and other system components, along with other equipment that might impact water quality, our team of experts can help to create a safe environment with clean water at the ready. Request a free online quote or call today for an estimate.

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