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Hope Septic Tank Repair

It is easy to see the beauty of a rural area, but making it a place to live can be tricky. Whenever a property is not connected to a city plumbing grid, there needs to be more regular care and maintenance in order to keep your system running. All across Hope, homes and businesses rely on functioning septic systems and the experts at Pete & Son Plumbing can help!

Whether you are living in a high traffic environment or are hoping to look after a commercial space, regular septic tank maintenance is necessary. Without specialized education or experience, it can be difficult to tell when your system is struggling. The experts at Pete & Son have compiled a list of signs that you are in need of septic tank repair services or replacements. If your property is experiencing any of these tell-tale signs, call an expert immediately.

When to Repair a Septic Tank: What to Look Out For

No matter the size of your property, septic tank installation or replacement is a huge and costly undertaking. Depending on the age and condition of your septic system, it is possible to repair common problems, prolonging the lifespan of your tank and system.

Slow Drainage: If water is draining slowly, it is a sign of significant issues – or clogs – within your system. Ignoring slow drainage can lead to larger clogs and blockages, as well as strain on the structural components of your system.

Sewage Backup: Any sewage backup is a major cause for concern and should be treated with emergency services, immediately. Sudden backup can destroy lawns as sewage and standing water, contaminate living spaces and spread harmful bacteria that can lead to serious illness.

Foul Odours: Sewage comes along with terrible smells but a regularly maintained septic tank contains these odours around properties. A full tank can lead to odours seeping out but the sudden appearance of odours can signal a clog in the system.

If you experience any of the above mentioned issues, a proper septic tank inspection is in order. An experienced plumber is able to assess the needs of your space and provide the necessary repairs to keep your water flowing.

Septic Tank Service: Should I Repair or Replace?

The most common types of septic tank repairs revolve around mechanisms and construction materials. Just like anything else, construction materials degrade over time, paving the way for destruction. Your septic system is complex on its own but it is also at the mercy of the elements. Tree roots, for example, can penetrate even heavy materials, leading to the need to replace large sections of pipes, or the tank as a whole.

Damaged Pipes: Pipes can become damaged due to impacts from environmental factors, as mentioned, such as tree roots but this is not the only way that systems can be impacted. Something as simple as driving over or parking on a system can leave lasting damage, while burrowing animals can access and damage vulnerable areas through burrowing.

Defective Seals: Wherever there is liquid sewage, seals are necessary to prevent leakage and keep hazardous materials in a safely contained environment. If seals begin to degrade, these dangerous by-products and gasses are released into living environments, creating a dangerous surrounding environment.

Standing Water: Finding puddles in your drain field is a sign that it is time to replace your tank. This will often signal clogs, breaks or cracks within systems. In this case, water and biological materials are not carried through to the intended area, but simply rise to the surface.

For your septic tank cleaning, repairs or replacements, call Pete & Son today. By servicing properties all over the lower mainland, our experienced team is hard at work creating safe and inviting environments.

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