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Hope Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

There are plenty of reasons that a property owner might choose to renovate kitchens or bathrooms. From adding property value to increasing convenience, even a simple upgrade can make a world of difference to any home or commercial space. Dreaming up an ideal kitchen or dream bathroom is great but when it comes to renovations, it is always better to consult an expert. Plumbing professionals can not only help with design services but can provide peace of mind with highly-trained practices, top quality materials and years of industry experience.

What Can Plumbers Do For You?

No matter the reason for your renovation, you always want it done right. When dealing with a new build, the sky is the limit with regard to your layout and design. Renovations mean working with the plumbing and fixtures that you already have. Whether you are finding ways to work with your established system or are in the market for replacements, it is important to consider why you should call an expert:

Sink Placement: Any general contractor will tell you that when it comes to kitchen and bath remodels, the sink is the heart of any functional space. Leaving sinks as an after thought can have a negative impact on your renovation projects. For example, during a Hope kitchen renovation, a misplaced sink will impact where your appliances, cabinets and storage centres can be placed. There is nothing worse than having to install a kitchen cabinet only to have to rip it back out again. Consulting with a plumbing professional can help to plan for your sink and its surrounding areas.

Replacements: A kitchen or bathroom renovation project does not have to stop with cosmetic improvements. Sure painting walls might lead to a superficial improvement but great quality comes from good bones. A Hope bathroom renovation or kitchen upgrade is an ideal time to address any aged or weakened materials that might be due for a replacement. Adding the additional step of replacing pipes or fixtures might add a bit of extra cost to your project but it will save costs on repairing water damage due to flooding or leaks later on.

Permits: Home improvements are not possible without permits. Failing to secure permits for  kitchen and bathroom remodelling projects can mean by-law violations, heavy fines and maybe even the need to tear down and start from scratch. Experienced bathroom designers can help to secure all of the necessary permits before construction begins, ensuring that there are no unwelcome surprises in your future.

Choosing Pete & Son Plumbing

The best way to get the best results is to enlist an experienced plumber for your renovation needs – and that is Pete & Son. With years of industry experience under our tool belts, our specialists have seen it all! From bathroom renovations, basement renovations, kitchen remodels and everything in between, Pete & Son plumbers get the best results every time.

With tons of experience, expert training, and attention to detail, our professional plumbers are able to provide the best in customer service and results. When you are ready to design, build or just update your home or workspace, call Pete & Son today.

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