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Garburator Repair

Garburator Maintance & Repair

Garbage disposals or garburators are not present in every Canadian home but for those properties that do have them, they become vital parts of daily operations.When you find yourself facing off against the inconvenience of a broken appliance, call Pete & Son for our garburator repair service.
Disposals are tough, and if we are being honest, a little scary and with that they have earned the reputation of being able to tackle any waste, big or small. As appealing as it might be to simply wash your food waste away, it does not take much to throw a wrench in the functionality of your appliance. Even the smallest and softest of food waste can cause a huge problem for your unit. Coffee grounds, pastas, and even grains of rice are small but mighty when it comes to damaging your disposal units. There are both subtle and not so subtle signs that your disposal unit has seen better days, including loud, grinding noises, leaks, smells or even the refusal to turn on but our licensed plumbers know how to fix them all.
Addressing the issue of stoppages, clogs, foreign objects are just plain worn-out parts, can seem like a daunting task but with Pete & Son behind you, it’s as easy as can be. All of our plumbers are local to your area, meaning you can bank on our service to be timely, efficient and complete. In addition to achieving the best possible results for your home or business, our plumbers know how to carry out the job safely. Instead of struggling with a broken appliance, a slow down in your kitchen or the fear of attempting to reach down into your garburator, book an appointment with our highly knowledgable plumbers.

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