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Chilliwack Well Pump Service

Residents in the Chilliwack area are no strangers to the use of wells but when it comes to fixing the mechanics of your system, that is a more complicated matter all together! When you find that the water pressure around your home is beginning to fade, it may be time to call Pete & Son Plumbing for our Chilliwack well pump services.

There are many things that can go wrong when it comes to your well system, resulting in leaks, blockages, or in the case of a faulting well pump, stoppages or loss of pressure. Having water with no pressure behind it might as well be no water at all! You can’t shower, wash your dishes or even flush your toilet properly and the longer that you wait – the more inconvenient it will become!

One of the most common issues that come along with well usage are problems that arise from the pump itself. Without a way to properly transport water to the surface and into your septic system, your well is essentially just a hole in the ground. Through proper maintenance, the well pumps associated with your property can last for a very long time, decades even but in the case of new property owners, it can be difficult to theorize when the last time your well pump was inspected. Time has a habit of flying by and it is easy to let the condition of your well and it’s components slip your mind, but luckily, our licensed plumbers are here to help you.

Some of the most important aspects of your home care or property maintenance go unseen through the years, buried in the ground or hidden away from plain view but don’t let that be the case with your Chilliwack well pump.

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