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Chilliwack Septic Tank Repair

Septic tanks are arguably the most important feature of your rural home or property. These systems keep your life running smoothly, removing health hazards and providing residents with indoor plumbing – but this is only true if your system is working! If you find there bugs in your system, call us for your Chilliwack septic tank repair.

The word ‘tank’ gives the impression of one four-walled underground container but this just isn’t the case. Several pieces make up a working septic service and all of them are subject to break downs. Having septic issues is as uncomfortable as can be for most property owners but it does not have to be a headache when you have the right people in your corner and Pete & Sons are it! Our Chilliwack septic tank repair brings timely service, licensed plumbers and the best possible results for you and your property.

In the rural areas of Chilliwack, there are tons of homes and even businesses that have been outfitted with septic tanks. These tanks collect waste water from around your property and dispose of it, usually into some sort of absorption field. When discussing the idea of septic tanks, the first thing that comes to mind has to do with the toilet but there are much more outlets throughout your home than you might expect. Run off from, shower drains, toilets, faucets, kitchen sinks, dishwashers and washing machines all flow through your septic system. Once the run-off makes its way into the tank, that is where the fun begins!

Septic tanks are designed to separate the solids from liquids as they make their way out of your home. There are numerous ways that this process can fail or meet with an obstruction but when it is time for your diagnosis or treatment, our licensed plumbers will be there with bells on.
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