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Chilliwack Septic Tank Installation

Chilliwack. It’s fun to say and even more fun to visit, but quick visits aren’t always enough. Many tourists decide to call this place home and if you decide you want to put down roots, Pete & Son has got your back with our Chilliwack septic tank installation.

For many years, Chilliwack was a nearly completely agricultural community but as population numbers began to swell, the area took on a more urban feel. Even with a population of over 80,000 the want to live outside the city limits has never faded. Just imagine, waking up to a quiet patch of green, bird songs and mountain views and then realize you can’t flush your toilet!

For over twenty years, Pete & Son Plumbing has been providing residents with indoor plumbing with our Chilliwack septic tank installation. Our licensed plumbers want to give you the best possible results for your installation. Far more than dropping an empty tank in the ground.

Call today to speak with one of our knowledgeable members of staff. There may be many main-stream companies vying for your business, but none of them has the personal dedication and commitment to your property that we do. All of our staff are local to the lower mainland, and no one knows the needs of property owners around your area better than we do! We are your neighbours, your community members and your friends and we pride ourselves on treating everyone as such.

After twenty years in the industry, our licensed plumbers know that there is no substitute for hard work, careful planning and a steady hand when it comes to your Chilliwack septic tank installation. Calling Pete & Son is the first step toward taking control of your living space and making your property exactly how you want it.

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