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Chilliwack Plumbing

No property can run smoothly if the plumbing doesn’t. From daily functions to more in-depth services, health and sanitation are key to making any home or workplace happy, healthy and welcoming. Plumbing problems might be subtle, like a dripping tap, or obvious, like clogged drains or frozen pipes but no matter the problem, Pete & Son can solve it!

Every day, property owners throughout the Fraser Valley rely on seasoned professionals for their Chilliwack Plumbing needs. Full service plumbing services are able to tackle residential and commercial issues, great and small.

Understanding the Needs of Your Property

The word plumbing is often associated with kitchens and bathrooms, with common call-outs for clogged drains and garburators but there is so much more to it than just that. Depending on the size, style and location of your property, there are a wide range of issues that you might be facing as an owner.

Rural areas often depend on septic systems, which require regular cleaning and maintenance. General upkeep might be necessary to the smooth-running of your space, but it can also help to avoid worst-case scenarios and potentially expensive repairs and replacements to construction materials and lawns.

Building a new structure can take years but no project is complete without free-flowing water. Whether organizing a kitchen or bathroom renovation or looking for city water hookups, our experienced technicians can help. Focusing on plumbing repairs or drain cleaning is great for maintenance and water flow but heating repairs and hot water tanks are also a part of the Pete & Sons repertoire.

Choosing Quality Plumbing Services

There is no shortage of demand for residential and commercial plumbing throughout Chilliwack B.C. and the surrounding area. With that amount of demand, there is always competition within the industry. Choosing the right support means getting not only the right results, but the customer service to match.

The wrong heating and plumbing company can leave clients feeling high and dry (or sometimes still swimming in water!). Choosing local services means timely service and access to resources and after-care. Instead of being another number on a call sheet, each Pete & Son client is looked at like a friend and neighbour, with complete care and commitment. 

From hot water heater installation to water hookups and other appliances, renovations and leak repair, there is no one better to call than experienced, local plumbers in your area. After years in the industry, the staff at Pete & Son understand the needs of their communities.

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