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Chilliwack Garburator Repair

No commercial or residential kitchen is complete without a disposal unit. These appliances came onto the scene in the 1940’s and have been a household staple ever since. They can help prevent drain backup and clogs but these appliances require standard maintenance and repair as well. Garburators have a reputation of being able to eat anything and everything but take it from the professionals – this is not true! If you have already found this out the hard way, call Pete & Son for our Chilliwack garburator repair.

Commercial kitchens are subject to a lot of extensive wear and tear and Chilliwack is full of restaurants, hotels, care homes and many other businesses that take advantage of these appliances. Unfortunately, they are much easier to break than you may think.Household chemicals, grease, fruit pits, and even the dreaded rogue utensil have all been known to take disposals down but the only guaranteed way to solve your problems, by calling in the professionals. No matter where you find yourself, Pete & Son is only one call away.

Garburators may not be the biggest appliance in your kitchen but they certainly can be one of the scariest. You no longer have to fear getting your digits too close to that kitchen drain. Call Pete & Son instead! When you enlist our professional and licensed plumbers, you can rest assured that your Chilliwack garburator repair is done safely and efficiently.

Don’t spend another minute listening to the comfortable metallic screeching of a broken disposal or an un-functioning drain. One call can make all the difference to your residential or commercial kitchen, so don’t hesitate to pick up that phone and call Pete & Son for your Chilliwack garburator repair.

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