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Chilliwack Damp Proofing

Residents in Chilliwack take great pride in their properties but no matter how much you try to take care of the outside, it is the bones of a structure that make the difference. More so than simply having a good structural makeup, your property needs to have preventative measures in place in order to maintain its good condition. When you want the best possible result for your home or business, call Pete & Son Plumbing for our Chilliwack damp proofing services.

Every year, our expert technicians are called to the Chilliwack area in order to put our skills to the test within various commercial and residential properties.Annually, the Chilliwack area faces off against 167.5 cm of rain, 107 cm of snow, and carries an average humidity level of 78%. That adds up to a lot of moisture with not a lot of drying time. Sure, there are ways to remove the superficial feeling of damp from your home, such as dehumidifiers, but the only sure-fire way to keep that moisture out is through professionally-installed Chilliwack damp proofing.

If you are concerned that damp might be invading your home or business, there are a few visible signs that you can look for: bubbling or peeling paint, staining, mould, leaks or walls that are moist or cold to the touch. Our experienced, licensed plumbers have been practicing our Abbotsford damp proofing for years and have seen just about everything! If you are unsure about our processes and how they can benefit your home or business, don’t hesitate to call and speak with one of our licensed plumbers. All of our staff and services are local to your area so performing an assessment of your Chilliwack damp proofing need not be a problem.

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