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Chilliwack Backflow Prevention Testing

No matter where you are, finding a clean water source is key to survival. Nine times out of ten, getting clean water is as easy as turning a tap. The staff at Pete & Son Plumbing want to help you keep this type of convenience through our Chilliwack backflow prevention testing. Routine maintenance and testing can mean the difference between water that is contaminated versus clean and clear.

The city of Chilliwack goes to great lengths to keep its resources ready and available for residents, but there are plenty of obstacles that get in the way. The most notable of these being right inside your home. Your backflow prevention device is your last and greatest defence against pollutants to entering your water supply. Keeping it in good, working order is vital to keeping your property running smoothly.

How Does Backflow Occur?

There are two main ways that backflow can occur: backpressure and backsiphonage. Within your water A system there is pressure in both potable and non-potable water supplies. Normally, the amount of pressure inside the potable system is enough to keep the two system separate. When that pressure drops, non-potable water can back-up into the clean system.

Backsiphonage occurs when potable water is concentrated and spent in one area. This creates a pressure vacuum that can pull water from non-potable sources into the surrounding properties. This puts contaminated water right into the pipes around your home, such as faucets, shower heads and attached appliances.

Why Have Chilliwack Backflow Prevention Testing?

All over the lower mainland and interior cities of British Columbia, backflow prevention testing is not only recommended – it is the law! A by-law has been passed that requires bi-annual back flow prevention testing in order to preserve water quality. Our licensed plumbers have gone through all of the proper training methods in order to properly test and identify any problem areas in your system.

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