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Boston Bar Septic Tank Installation & Repair

It is not uncommon for small communities to be outside of a city-controlled sewage system. In a community as small as Boston Bar, the smooth running of independent systems is very important! Calling Pete & Son for your Boston Bar septic tank installation and repair ensures that your system is top-notch.

There is no question that there are many health hazards carried by run-off of waste water from your property. The road between your home and septic tank is a long one and there are many hazards in between. If any piece of your septic system is installed incorrectly, this waste water can leak from tanks or pipes. Tank backups, or leaks on your property means one awful mess! As your property becomes flooded with sewage, your family, your customers and yourself are all exposed to hazardous bacteria. By choosing to partner with Pete & Son, you are ensuring that your installation or replacement is completed properly.

Septic tanks are kept underground, and for good reason! Having a more easily accessible tank opens the door for environmental hazards but covered tanks are still at risk! Having tanks underground makes them easy to forget about. Often times, tanks are damaged by cars and trucks driving over them. This puts too much pressure on the materials underneath and can cause them to crack or shift.

Pete & Son has been operating for decades, working alongside local community members to get the best results possible. More so than providing our services, the plumbers at Pete & Son are dedicated to making lasting relationships with our clients. Our Boston Bar septic tank installation and repair is available all throughout the region. No crack or leak is a match for our expert technicians!

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