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Boston Bar Damp Proofing

B.C residents are used to the moisture that hangs in the air. When it rains, it can feel like dampness is creeping into your bones. Your home goes through the same thing! When it is raining, your property has to work extra hard to keep that moisture out. Without a solid system of damp proofing in place, your property is fighting a losing battle. When you need reinforcements, call Pete & Son for our Boston Bar Damp Proofing.

Unlike other household threats that come crashing in noisily, damp creeps into your property over time, slowly and quietly. Although it might not announce its presence, there are other ways to identify the presence of dampness in your home or business. Mould is one of the most obvious visual signs of damp indoors. Having mould around your living space can cause serious health hazards and respiratory problems. These issues can be as minor as sinus congestion or become as serious as asthma.

Your walls can demonstrate the presence of damp in more ways than just mould. Blistering paint and peeling wallpaper are both signs that there could be a damp issue. This increased moisture behind the surface level of your wall can even cause musty smells to seep into your property. All of the symptoms of dampness in your property tend to affect the overall quality of life experienced by yourself and your family or clients.

Pete & Son Plumbing has been servicing all areas of the lower mainland for decades. With that much experience under our belts, our experienced technicians are familiar with all types of exteriors and issues. Call today to find out how our Boston Bar damp proofing services can benefit your home or business.

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