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Agassiz Well Pump Service

There is no denying the appeal of rural B.C but these lush landscapes come at a cost – and not just financial! Moving away from the city takes residents away from the niceties of city life. When you want to quiet of the country with the convenience of the city, having a well is a necessity. Whether you choose to live or work in the outer Agassiz area, call Pete & Son for your Agassiz well pump service.

The rural communities of British Columbia boast farmland, wineries, homes, and attractions. All of these need water hookups! Resources in Agassiz vary from region to region but our licensed plumbers can help make the most of your property, no matter where it is. Nearly every Canadian city is outfitted with a public water grid that allows water to flow into every home or business with the turn of a tap. Having a well on your property allows your water system to flow exactly the same.

When you are setting up shop on a new piece of land, you will need to have the property outfitted with a functioning well. Although well construction might seem like a chore, the job does not end there. In order to have a fully-functioning water pressure system, your well must be outfitted with the proper functioning mechanics. Without a pump, there is no way from water to travel from underground and into your property. Over time, these pumps break down and that is when you call Pete & Son.

Our licensed plumbers are local to your area and understand the needs of the rural home or business. That is why you can expect expert service in a prompt manner when you trust us with your Agassiz well pump service. For decades, our staff have been learning the ins and outs of well pumps. Whether it is an assessment, repair or replacement, Pete & Son Plumbing is here to help.

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