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Agassiz Perimeter Drain Installation & Repair

There is no denying that water is an everyday part of life on the west coast. You might be used to the rain but when there are puddles forming around your property, call Pete & Son Plumbing! Our Agassiz perimeter drain installation and repair is available to beat that standing water.

British Columbia is known for mountain views and rainy days. You might have acclimatized to these conditions but your home or business cannot. Constructing a new building, whether it is residential or commercial, is a long and complicated process but it all starts with the foundation. Dirt is displaced to create a space for a new structure, and is then replaced around its foundation. Water flows through this softened dirt easier than through the solid material around it.

During construction, structures are outfitted with a perimeter drain system, buried and usually covered in gravel. Perimeter drain systems have come a long way since becoming a staple in homes across Canada. Older homes will more than likely have systems made from clay or concrete. These materials are porous and allow dirt and water to seep into their surface. When these tiles deteriorate or crack, they become impossible to clear or maintain and must be replaced.

When sectional repairs are an option, Pete & Son Plumbing is equipped to fix those problem areas. When you find that your system is beyond repair, a brand new replacement installation can be organized as well! Our Agassiz perimeter drain installation and repair is available at any stage in the life of your property.

Call today to speak with one of our expert installation technicians. All of our plumbers are local to your area and know exactly how your Agassiz perimeter drain installation and repair needs to be done. Find out how to get the best possible results for yourself and your property.

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