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Agassiz Garburator Repair

Disposal units are a dime a dozen throughout the Agassiz area. They are considered a useful tool but when they start to break down, these units can be big trouble. When your units starts to give you grief, call Pete & Son for your Agassiz garburator repair.

The past several years have seen a complicated relationship between the Metro Vancouver area and garbage disposal units or garburators. When used incorrectly, these machines can break down or cause major damage to sewer lines. That is why calling licensed plumbers at the first signs of problems can prevent large-scale damage down the line.

There are two types of garburators in play throughout Canada but more often than not, our plumbers are dealing with ‘continuous feed’ systems. Continuous feed systems are the most common systems in British Columbia. These systems are controlled by a power-switch somewhere outside the unit. Everyone has had that moment of terror when you confuse the garburator switch for an ordinary light switch, but these units do not need to be scary!

When it comes to a faulty disposal system, you should not hesitate to call Pete & Son to book an appointment for your Agassiz garburator repair. These systems are designed to break up food particles so that they can pass through the drains. When the system stops working, these pieces of food waste can clog up in the mechanics as well as in pipes. This leads to rot and increased bacteria and smells! In an environment where food is constantly being handled and prepared – cleanliness is key! Having any sort of extra bacteria in the vicinity is a health hazard!

Call today to book an appointment for your Agassiz garburator repair. Our licensed plumbers are ready and willing to fix your system and restore peace of mind to your kitchen.

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