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Agassiz Damp Proofing

There are few places in the world that require a stronger system of damp proofing than British Columbia. Living on Canada’s west coast is a dream for most of the year but when that rainy season comes, it can be a nightmare! Our Agassiz damp proofing service is available to make sure that you can sleep soundly – and stay dry!

Unlike some home or property maintenance services, damp proofing does not come in a ‘one size fits all’ arena. Instead of being made up of one material, damp proofing can be a series of methods to keep your home safe and dry. Although you might not notice it, keeping moisture out is a daily battle that your home or business is fighting. Why not help give it an advantage?

The biggest moisture-related threat facing Agassiz properties is known as rising damp. This occurs when ground water rises up and makes its way into your property. Rising damp refers to moisture coming up through the materials of your property. In this process, water travels inside materials like brick, concrete or mortar through even the most narrow of spaces. This process is called ‘capillary action’. This rising damp is combated by a method of damp proofing that sits under walls and separates your property from the ground below.

Implementing a method of damp proofing or prevention can mean all the difference to your property. Having damp inside your home or work space can invite large-scale issues. Whether it is damage to your property or even to your health – dampness indoors is bad news! When you begin to suspect that you are in need of professional help, call Pete & Son for our Agassiz damp proofing service.

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