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Agassiz Backflow Prevention Testing

Any type of mechanism can break down over time. Whether it is a car, a bicycle or a back flow preventer. Most mechanisms announce their degration but your preventers suffer in silence until they are broken. That is why regular testing is so important. Our Agassiz backflow prevention testing can help you make sure that your system is running smoothly.

What Is Backflow?

Backflow is a phenomenon that allows non-potable or contaminated water to creep into your clean water supply. Contaminated water can bring your home or business to a complete halt and can even make you sick. This type of contamination can cause huge issues for business owners in this area. Wineries, farmland and restaurants have a responsibility to ensure that their products are made with pure and safe water.

Backflow most commonly occurs in two ways: backpressure and backsiphonage. The pressure systems around your home or business are connected to a greater whole around the town of Agassiz. Something as simple as a fire hydrant being in use or a flood can disrupt average pressure patterns. These disrupted patterns can invite dirt and bacteria in to your water system.

Why Have Agassiz Backflow Prevention Testing

Contaminated water is not always easy to identify! Without routine testing, it is impossible to tell whether or not the backflow preventers around your property are working properly. If these safeguards are left to fall by the wayside, there is a domino effect in cross-contamination.

In addition to being a proper safety matter, your Agassiz backflow prevention testing is made mandatory but the B.C Ministry of Agriculture. If this testing is already mandatory, you might as well choose a longstanding, reputable and local company to carry out your plumbing needs? Call today to book an appointment with a local, licensed plumbing for your backflow prevention testing.

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