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Abbotsford Septic Tank Installation & Repair

At any given time, there are one hundred fun and interesting things to do in an around the Abbotsford area – but none of them involve a septic tank! Lucky for residents, our licensed plumbers are here to help you deal with your Abbotsford septic tank installation, repair and cleaning.

For those people who prefer the quiet of country life to the downtown hustle, we hear you! Getting back to nature is a beautiful thing, but not as beautiful as indoor plumbing! The majority of homes in the Abbotsford area are detached, single-dwelling homes and a great deal of them are located outside of the city limits. The further away you get, the less likely it is that any home you find, is hooked up to the city sewage system. This is when septic tanks come in to play!

These tanks bring a much needed independence to the Abbotsford area. Installing a septic tank gives you fluidity, not only to the water in your home but to the area in which you live as well.

Septic tanks might be a scary concept to those residents who are unfamiliar with their systems and maintenance protocol but at the end of the day – they are a necessity. In a climate that tends to remain chilly for nearly half of the year and boats some of the country’s highest rate of rainfall, having an outdoor plumbing system just isn’t a viable option. Our licensed plumbers do more than simply install these tanks but can provide helpful services tips and information as well.
At Pete & Son, we do more than simply install and run. Your property is our top priority and we want to make sure that everything is ready, running and primed to give you the best possible result. Call today to book an appointment for your Abbotsford septic tank installation.

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