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Abbotsford Septic Tank Cleaning

With each passing day, more dust collects around your home, clutter builds up around you and these are just the things that you can see – there is much more going on beneath your feet! Pete & Son has perfected the system for a happy and healthy home and the first step is booking an appointment for your Abbotsford septic tank cleaning.

When it comes to maintenance around your home or property, more often than not it is the appliances that garner more TLC when it comes to the cleaning process. Solid waste that makes it into your septic system has to journey from the drains and disposals of your home, through a network of pipes and through the tank itself before it finds its resting place either at the bottom of the tank or out in a drainage field. During these travels, materials collect and along the edges of these pipes and can build up over time, blocking the flow of water and other materials. When these pipes and pathways blocked, there is a severe chance of flooding and sewer backup. Having waste back up into your home is not only inconvenient but can be pose health hazards as well.

Your Abbotsford septic tank cleaning is a huge part of regular maintenance and is vital to the smooth functioning of your property. Eliminate the need for future discomfort and costs by keeping on top of your cleaning schedule. At Pete & Son, our only concern is the well-being of your system and your property, so our licensed plumbers are available by phone during business hours and even offer a 24-hour emergency line for those time sensitive issues.
Call today to book an appointment for your Abbotsford septic tank cleaning and guarantee yourself fast, reliable, and expert service.

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