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Abbotsford Garburator Repair

Kitchen appliances such as garbage disposals or garburators are everyday blessings for most Canadians but if you turn on your disposal unit and are met with terrible sounds or blockages, don’t hesitate to call Pete & Son Plumbing for your Abbotsford garburator repair.

Disposal units are found in thousands of homes throughout the country but they can be as much of a curse as they are a blessing. There is a sort of urban legend surrounding these appliance that they can chew up and spit out any substance without consequence but this just is not true!
Garuburators or disposals are designed for small amounts of food waste but certain items can block it up even though they are small. You might not think twice before allowing bits of pasta or rice to flow down the drain but it won’t take long before you will need our Abbotsford garburator repair. Even the smallest items like coffee grounds or excessive levels of food grease can clog and congeal within the pipes that make up your system.

All of our plumbers are fully licensed and have years of experience within the industry. Whether it is an organic build-up or a rogue utensil, Pete & Son can solve that problem for you. When you have been in the industry for nearly two decades, you have the opportunity to learn every trick of the trade there is. When you take this knowledge and experience, combining it with state of the art detection and practical tools, there is nothing that our licensed plumbers can’t do.
Don’t hesitate to call and book an appointment for your Abbotsford garburator repair. The longer you wait, the more inconvenient these issues will become. Trust your repairs to Pete & Son and see them gone quickly, efficiently and professionally.

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