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Abbotsford Damp Proofing

When cold and moisture begin to creep into your property, do not hesitate to call Pete & Son Plumbing for our Abbotsford damp proofing services.

In a climate that receives as much rain, sleet and even snow as Abbotsford is known to, excess amounts of moisture are present everywhere but you definitely do not want it inside your home or business. More often than not, moisture comes in the form of condensation beading on and behind walls and can cause serious structural damage, rot and even the formation and spreading of black mould. Having mould in your commercial or residential property can might seem like a mild inconvenience but over time, it can lead to serious health risks, including respiratory disease! However serious this issues are, don’t panic! The highly trained staff of Pete & Son Plumbing has your Abbotsford damp proofing covered.

Before you expect to find dampness or mould in every structure you enter, you should know that there are systems of damp proofing present in nearly every building constructed within the last 50-60 years. The ever-changing climate throughout British Columbia has been keeping construction companies and carpenters on their toes for decades but no matter how hard they might try to create the perfect damp proofing system – materials break down or become damaged!

Unfortunately for property owners, there is no sure-fire way to combat the natural threats to your property. Extreme weather, shifting buildings, and even rodents can have negative effects on the damp proofing around your home or business. When you find that spots of mould around your property or notice that the walls are cold or moist – don’t hesitate to call Pete & Son plumbing for your Abbotsford damp proofing replacement or repair.

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