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Abbotsford Backflow Prevention Testing

Over the years, Abbotsford has become a central hub of the lower mainland. There are tons of homes and businesses spread out around the area. The one thing that all of these spaces have in common is that they all need water. Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial property owner, our Abbotsford backflow prevention testing can help your space run smoothly.

It is difficult to keep track of how many times a day Abbotsford residents dip in to their water supplies. Whether it is a shower, a glass of water, or a sprinkler system – your plumbing is always in use! In an agricultural community, water is the lifeblood and a compromised water supply can be big trouble and even dangerous.

How Can Backflow Contaminate Your Water Supply

During normal day to day use, the positive pressure in your water system keeps pollutants at bay. When this pressure is compromised, stored or sitting water can creep into your potable water supply. Once this sitting, stagnant, or even groundwater makes its way in, the whole supply is compromised.

Backflow occurs primarily in one of two ways: through backsiphonage or back pressure. Back pressure occurs when there is more negative pressure in the non-potable water sources around your property. When pressure drops inside the water pipes around your property, it allows water from areas such as your hot water tank to creep into the line.

Backsiphonage also occurs when pressure systems around your home or business shift. When water becomes concentrated on one source or area, it can create a vacuum effect. This destabilized pressure pulls water from other areas such as sprinkler systems or run-off from washing machines or dishwashers. Once this water makes its way into your pipes, the bacteria within is running through your faucets!

Abbotsford Backflow Prevention Testing: Why Call The Pros?

Although all properties in Abbotsford are outfitted with backflow prevention devices, they don’t last forever. Through regular Abbotsford backflow prevention testing, you can make sure that your system is running as clean and efficiently as possible.

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