Seeking Help For Rural Properties: Plumbers Servicing the Fraser Valley

Not everyone is made for the city. Throughout British Columbia, loud noises, bright lights and crowded streets have pushed residents away from city centres and into the beauty of the Fraser Valley and other rural areas. New homeowners might be keen to watch the sunrise over the mountains, but being in these ideal surroundings can pose problems — particularly when you need a plumber! Many plumbing services are not keen to travel away from the city for basic plumbing issues, which can leave homeowners to fend for themselves. When you need a plumber in Chilliwack, you should not be left waiting while your plumbing issues become worse, and that is why Pete & Son is here to help!

Whether you are smack in the middle of the downtown core, or are nestled into vast farmland, homes face the same types of plumbing emergencies as anywhere else. Issues with a hot water tank, water heater, burst pipes or a full septic tank are not issues that can wait. Opting for a local plumbing company can help to avoid the disaster that comes from letting these issues sit.

Common Plumbing & Heating Issues Throughout the Fraser Valley

It is never a good idea to take a DIY approach to plumbing and heating issues. In addition to the possibility of leaks or water damage, there is also the risk of an improperly installed gas fitter or the chance of electrical shock. When handled by a professional plumber, small issues can be easily fixed or repaired, but a DIY approach or neglecting an issue can push these problems to become worse.

Full Septic Tanks: One of the most common issues in a rural property is understanding septic tanks. If you are taking over an existing septic system or are installing a new one, it is important to inspect and maintain these tanks. If you begin to notice slow drainage, gurgling pipes or bad odours, these are all signs that your system is in trouble. When cared for properly, a septic tank can last for decades. Whether you are looking for inspections, maintenance, repairs or just a routine emptying, the experts at Pete & Son Plumbing are always on call.

Burst Pipes: The weather in the mountains can be unpredictable. From Hope to Abbotsford, Mission and Chilliwack, temperatures can fluctuate greatly throughout the day. During an unexpected freeze, water will solidify and expand. Frozen water expands by up to 9%, which might not seem like a lot but it is enough to burst pipes and lead to serious water damage or flooding. If this is the case, it is important to call in expert plumbers in Chilliwack and beyond for emergency plumbing services. In the case of a burst pipe, repairing and installing new plumbing routes is necessary, and these are always best left to the experts.

Dripping Faucets/Running Toilets: The sounds of a dripping faucet or running toilet might be enough to drive you crazy but the reality is that these sounds are a sign of water waste. This is an issue anywhere but it is particularly problematic when you are dealing with a restricted water source. When using well water, it is incredibly important to preserve as much as you can. Calling a plumber in Chilliwack BC, or anywhere in the Fraser Valley and surrounding area can help to preserve water.

Pete & Son Plumbing: Expert Plumbers in Chilliwack BC and Beyond

When you are experiencing issues with your plumbing, Chilliwack, Hope, Mission and Abbotsford properties are all within the Pete & Son service areas. By offering a wide range of services, our highly trained plumbing experts offer everything from drain cleaning to appliance installation and more.

Our experts highly recommend calling in expert plumbing repair at the first sign of trouble. Don’t ignore water backup, slow draining, gurgling noises or other unusual symptoms of a strained plumbing system.

Seeking Help For Rural Properties: Plumbers Servicing the Fraser Valley