Getting to Know Your Perimeter Drains

No property is complete without perimeter drains. Whether you are in a heritage home or a new build, proper drainage is key to maintaining a healthy home or workplace. Property owners are quick to realize when a sink or bathtub is draining slowly but perimeter drains are more difficult to diagnose.

Because this drainage system is underground, it is rarely given the attention that it deserves, but without proper cleaning and inspections, even a bit of debris can turn into a complete disaster. Luckily, Pete & Son Plumbing offers cleaning and maintenance for your perimeter drains.

Perimeter Drains: What, Where, When & Why

Perimeter drains are a system of buried pipes that surround properties with the goal of transporting and re-directing water to prevent pooling and leaks. These drains can have a positive effect on groundwater but their primary focus is water that accumulates during snow melts and heavy rains.

These specific drain types often come in the form of perforated pipes, often covered by a mesh “sock”. Perforations allow water to enter drains while the mesh barrier keeps debris out. As much as these barriers might try, it is impossible to keep every bit of dirt and debris out and this can lead to blockages.

Blockages in clogged pipes can lead to drowned yards, flooded basements and water stained walls. By the time drainage issues become obvious, you are likely looking at expensive repair or replacement costs. Opting for regular servicing can help property owners get a clear picture of it.

Signs Your System May Need Servicing

Despite being buried, there are some dead giveaways that your system is struggling.

  • Pooling: If water is collecting near the foundation of your home or business, this can mean that the slope of your property is off. If yards are not properly sloped to aim water away from vulnerable areas. Water pooling can also mean issues with your downspouts.
  • Collapsed Areas: Older homes may have clay or concrete tiles surrounding pipes. These tiles deteriorate over time, causing them to potentially collapse. It is possible to replace broken sections but regular care can help to prevent this. By keeping an eye on the condition of tiles, plumbing professionals can help to shed some light on those unseen areas of your system.
  • Water Stains: If you are noticing water stains along walls, it is a sign that serious leaks or flooding is on the way. If drains become clogged with dirt, water is unable to pass through, but it has to go somewhere. This can lead to water soaking into vulnerable areas, and eventually working its way into walls, leaving stains behind.

Regular cleaning and inspections from a professional can help to mitigate these worst-case scenarios, keeping your property in good condition, over a longer period.

Perimeter Drains: Who

Calling in the professionals to flush your system or treat clogged drains can help to fix problem areas that you did not even know were there. There are plenty of threats to your drainage, and our team of experts know how to treat every last one of them. From solving problems related to sewer backup to flushing systems, after years in the industry, the plumbing professionals at Pete & Son have seen it all and know how to fix it.

Getting to Know Your Perimeter Drains