Dishwasher Installation: How a Plumber Can Help

Appliances are meant to make your life easier, that’s the whole point! As great as these machines might seem, an improper installation can turn a lifeline into an absolute disaster. Many appliances require both water and electrical connections — and anytime these two things are in close proximity, it is a risk. When it comes to dishwasher installations you are dealing with multiple water hookups, electrical plugins and often revolve around tight spaces.

There is a lot that can go wrong when dealing with just one of these elements, never mind all of them! Hiring a plumber for your dishwasher installation means expert results, peace of mind and fully insured services.

Buying a new appliance is a pretty simple process: do a bit of research, choose your model, visit a store and pick a delivery date. You might be keen to use your dishwasher as soon as it is out of box but there is a lot more to be done before that. When you call a plumber for your dishwasher installation you are gaining key insight into not only how the appliance works but also the space that it is in and all of the hook-ups and systems that keep your dishwasher running smoothly.

Appliance Installation: Avoid A DIY Disaster

The kitchen is the most active room of any house and this makes it the ideal area to add appliances. The most popular kitchen appliances are a garbage disposal, refrigerators, gas appliances like ovens and of course, a dishwasher. When buying a new dishwasher some companies will offer installation for an additional fee but this isn’t always the case. Whether you are buying a brand new machine or have found a pre-loved model, it is always better to enlist a plumber for your installation service. 

Anytime that you are dealing with an appliance with an electrical or water hook-up there is risk involved. It might be tempting to install your dishwasher on your own but missing a single step in the process can result in a broken appliance, leaks, water damage or other unpleasant surprises.

Anyone can browse online for a step-by-step guide to installation but these aren’t often effective. Most modern dishwashers don’t require electrical wiring but have a simple power cord that is plugged into an outlet. If this is the case, all you have to worry about is water. You can’t just turn a tap and have water flowing into your dishwasher. It is obvious that it is important to connect the water supply to the back of your machine but so is connecting the drain hose. An experienced plumber is able to properly connect water supplies, as well as ensuring that the dishwasher drain hose is properly connected.

Reasons to Have a Plumber Install Your Dishwasher Safely

When owning a dishwasher for the first time there is a natural learning curve but this shouldn’t include the installation process. Forgetting something as simple as flipping the circuit breaker or turning off the water can cause large scale damage throughout your home or storefront, so don’t bother with an amateur approach.

A dishwasher is a large appliance and an expensive machine, so you want to take care of them properly. An improper installation can lead to the need for expensive repairs and replacements which can easily be avoided.

Making the Right Connections: Depending on the age, type and style of your machine you might be dealing with irregular hookups. This can mean needing to alter existing connections or make entirely new ones. When this is the case, it is important to make sure that these adjustments are made according to industry standards and in accordance with any necessary codes. When connections are not properly made or finished, they can result in leaking, higher water bills and water damage not only to the dishwater itself but to surrounding areas as well.

Don’t Void Your Insurance or Warranty: In the event that you find yourself dealing with unexpected damage associated with an installation, you will want to get your home insurance company involved. Insurance companies will cover damage associated with a professional service but might not cover your work as a handyman. A DIY approach may also void the warranty on your machine, meaning you are stuck with any damage.

Make Sure Your Kitchen Looks Its Best: During an installation you are likely dealing with small spaces and having to navigate the sink, cabinets and countertops. A plumber is highly experienced in navigating tight spaces and is able to install a dishwasher with the lowest possible impact to the surrounding areas.

Avoid Leaks: There are plenty of small home improvements that can be done without technical training but plumbing isn’t one of them! An amateur paint job might result in noticeable brush strokes or flecks of paint where they shouldn’t be but a plumbing issue means serious and expensive damage. A small leak can go unnoticed for long periods, getting worse and worse. A plumber is trained in how to check for leaks around the water supply and drain line.

When you want the best results for your installation, ditch the teflon tape and call a local plumbing expert instead. The experts at Pete & Son Plumbing are highly trained and experienced in appliance installation so you can rest easy knowing that your kitchen is in good hands.

Dishwasher Installation: How a Plumber Can Help