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Getting to Know Your Perimeter Drains

No property is complete without perimeter drains. Whether you are in a heritage home or a new build, proper drainage is key to maintaining a healthy home or workplace. Property owners are quick to realize when a sink or bathtub is draining slowly but perimeter drains are more difficult to diagnose. Because this drainage system is underground, it is rarely given the attention that it deserves, but without proper cleaning and inspections, even a bit of debris can turn into a complete disaster. Luckily, Pete & Son Plumbing offers cleaning and maintenance for your perimeter drains. Perim

The Downside of D.I.Y Plumbing

No property is complete without proper plumbing. Water systems are responsible for bringing clean water in and carrying contaminated water or sewage, out. Keeping these systems running properly is the key to safe and sanitary environments - and that means expert care. Every day, home and property owners grab hold of plungers and drain snakes, hoping to correct their plumbing problems. While D.I.Y. options might seem like a cost-effective option for installs and repairs, these amateur methods might end up doing more harm than good. Before you take on a home plumbing project, it is important