Bathroom Renovations: Chilliwack Homes Are Getting An Update

After a long winter season, homeowners are keen to clean out their closets and take back their space with a bit of spring cleaning, but what about a spring renovation? In a home or in a commercial space, having an accessible bathroom is key to maintaining health, sanitation and comfort. A renovation or remodel can give new life to an existing bathroom and installing an additional one will add value and convenience to any home.

Home Renovations: Top Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom

A renovation project can be something as simple as a paint job, installing new light fixtures or hanging a medicine cabinet to increase storage. There are plenty of occasions where bathroom layouts will stop working for homeowners. You might be growing your family and need to add a second washroom, or need to install additional showers and tubs. Another instance might be a shift in mobility in which case safety features and new fixtures might be necessary. Throughout Chilliwack, bathroom renovations are common for the following reasons:

Increase Value: When listing a home, bathroom remodellers are quick to point out that the renovation process is one of the most cost effective ways to add value to a property. Presenting a “turn-key” property can increase your chances of selling a home. Applying a more modern visual with simple steps, such as implementing natural stone details, updating an outdated colour scheme or redoing a warped bathroom floor can help improve resale value.

Improved Safety Features: Slick tiles and slippery floors can make bathrooms a dangerous place. For many Chilliwack residents, stepping in and out of a bathtub can be a huge slip and fall hazard. A customized remodelling project takes mobility into account and can help to create a safer, more accessible space. Walk-in showers, lowered towel bars, wall mounted grab bars or a larger shower enclosure work together to create safer environments, particularly for the young and the elderly. In this sense, bathroom designers are able to help homeowners improve independence and quality of life.

Lower Costs: It is important to consider how a bath remodel can impact the daily running costs of a home or commercial space. Installing water-saving toilets or shower heads, as well as replacing aging materials, can help to reduce water usage. A bathroom remodel or addition might seem like an unnecessary expense, or something that can be delayed, but making this initial investment can actually help property owners save money in the long run.

Existing Plumbing Issues: Plumbing systems might be made up of durable materials, but they are delicate overall. If plumbing, pipes, fittings or other components are old, outdated or haven’t been properly installed, you may begin to notice mold, mildew, clogs, leaks and more. If this is the case, a renovation might be the best possible option to avoid costly damage and the need for emergency repairs.

Chilliwack Bathroom Renovations: Why Call A Plumbing Expert

Now that you have seen all the ways that a bathroom remodel can benefit your property, it is temping to want to reach for a hammer and get to work. A DIY approach to a remodel can have wide-spread damage throughout an entire property. One wrong move to a plumbing line can result in leaks, flooding and water damage. Any time complex systems like plumbing or electrical are involved, it is always best to consult an expert. Plumbing professionals are not only highly experienced, they are insured to protect against unexpected issues that will arise. Instead of dealing with damage or subpar results, call Pete & Son Plumbing for your next remodel and see excellent results, the first time around.

Bathroom Renovations: Chilliwack Homes Are Getting An Update